AVAS Group

EACH VOICE counts in AVAS. The group numbers between 20 and 30, and every individual makes an important contribution to the total sound and atmosphere of the group. Our repertoire is diverse, including everything from Bach to Broadway. Each season presents new and challenging musical opportunities as we continue to improve our sound, precision and vocal techniques.

A brief Audition for the director is required of potential members. Auditions for new members are held during the first four weeks of each rehearsal period. For the Christmas concert, regular rehearsals begin in September and conclude after the concert, which is traditionally the first Sunday in December. Rehearsals for the spring concert start in January and end after the concert, unless there are special performances added to the season.

Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., at the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 461 College Parkway, Arnold, MD. Map of rehearsal location. Additional rehearsals are held on three or four Saturdays for each concert period, usually from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Production Week rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday in the week preceding the concert, with the final dress rehearsal on the Friday evening or Saturday afternoon immediately before the concert.

The Annual Membership Fee is $125. Music is ordered for the group and each singer purchases his/her own music.

The Repertoire varies:

Information from the MEMBER HANDBOOK

Purpose: The Arundel Vocal Arts Society (AVAS) is a nonprofit organization formed to support the art of choral singing through the study and performance of a wide range of musical styles.

Member Responsibilities: To demonstrate enthusiasm and support, both in spirit and financially, of the group’s purpose through pursuit and mastery of select music.

Attendance: Regular attendance is important to: (1) learn the music, details of arrangements, musical styles, the conductor’s style, and the coordination with other singers; and (2) grow in proficiency and add to the consistency, and therefore the quality, of the group’s sound.

Dress for Concerts:

Women:Long sleeved black blouses/sweaters and long (ankle length) black skirts or slacks, black shoes and stockings.
Men:Tuxedos with snow-white shirts, black bow-tie and cummerbunds.

Pencils: Important! ALWAYS bring a pencil to rehearsal!